Book Review: Key Person of Influence

I’m a huge fan of Shark Tank…actually Obsessed.  Every time I turn into the show, I feel like I’m signing up for a workshop.

So imagine my excitement when I had a chance to meet Kevin Harrington at a weekend conference!  I was blown away and excited to pick his brain. What I found to be so impressive was how down to earth and relatable he was, which I’m sure is a key character trait that has made him so successful.

His new book, Key Person of Influence (KPI)’ gives every Startup or CEO 5 steps on the importance of surrounding yourself with Key influencers.  If you look closely at all industries, you will see those most successful using these approaches to break into the upper bracket of their field.

Best part of this journey is it doesn’t take years to achieve success.  It’s also not about luck.  It’s about focusing on the things that matter most and the key people around you.

The chapters include Pitch, Publish, Products, Profile and Partnerships. These chapters focus on breaking out of the routine behaviour, we all find ourselves in, and jolt us into focusing on the steps that will transform you into one of the more highly valued people in your industry. 

Another great takeaway from this book, the importance of making a list of KPI (Key Person of Influence) in your life.  This is ever imperative, especially for those solo entrepreneurs who typically don’t have a team to throw ideas around with.  Having them as your key business consultants, advisors and partners in order to work together and build each other’s business.

Who are your KPI’s?  We’d love to hear your approach…

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