Disciplines to Problem Solving

There is just no getting around it! When challenges arise, as leaders, all we can do is Just Deal With It… #BossUp

Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, the simple fact is – Small businesses often have the same challenges that big Corporations have. Big or small, we all face challenges and strive to overcome them.

What can I do to stay ahead of the competition? What is the problem I’m trying to solve for my customers?  Do I have the right staff in place? What can we do to handle these more proactively!?!

Problem Solving skills are IMPERATIVE  for anyone managing a team or business! The fact is not everyone has been walked through just how to handle Problem Solving effectively.  This soft skill will help you make valuable decisions on how to Problem solve.

The good news is that there’s an easy way to consistently arrive at effective and satisfying solutions …   

Disciplines to Problem Solving:
  • Admit there is a Problem: A problem cannot be fixed until you admit there is one. Denying one even exists continues to manifest the problem – hoping it goes away is not a strategy!  Often the most uncomfortable conversations are the most important ones to have!
  • Define the problem:  Get clarity! Solving a problem you are clear is the actual challenge is extremely important in the Problem Solving process.  If you are only solving a symptom of the problem, you are allowing the real issue to go unresolved. Don’t jump to give a solution until you have heard all sides.  
  • Develop possible solutions: Failure is the path to Success!  If a solution isnt’ right the first time, don’t get discouraged.  Keep plugging along until you find the right solution to the problem.  Making adjustments is often needed to find the right recipe for a successful resolution.
  • Define Ownership:  Who is responsible for monitoring that the solution is helping fix the problem?  Delegation is a helpful way to get your team involved and feel a part of the process.
  • Measuring the Solution: Unless you set a measurement for a solution, it will be difficult to identify the effectiveness.  Tips on measurement can include Key Performance Indicators and building set Processes to help pinpoint where the drop-off point is happening.

In the end, Happiness does come with solving your business’s problems. Your employees will be happier, which will trickle down to your customers and revenue for the organization. 

What Problem are you trying to solve in your company?  

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