How to Build a Viable Brand?

Entrepreneurs want to get their brand out to market quickly in hopes to build interest in their products or services as soon as possible; however, building a brand takes more than eagerness to go to Market. 

Building a viable brand takes an understanding of who you are as a company, what you bring to the table that your competitor may not and most importantly, what is the problem you are trying to solve for your consumers. Often, eagerness to be seen in the market, prevents companies from truly creating a viable brand, hurting their brand awareness.  As the saying goes, you only have one time to make a great first impression. 

During the Glambition Beauty Night Out Event, held at the Google office in NYC, Beauty & Health Industry CEOs shared their experiences and advice on how to be successful in your journey to build a viable brand.

Moderated by Beauty Editor of HelloBeautiful and CEO of Model Citizen, Danielle James, lead a panel of honored guests, CEOs: Vera Moore of Vera Moore Cosmetics, Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solutions, Sarah Perez-Jarret of Salud Dr. Rigo and Kim Baker of Glamazon Cosmetics, who truly related to the struggles many start-ups are currently experiencing today.   

Building a brand can be met with challenges like little to no money, time constraints and dedicated resources; however, Vera’s advice to many is putting your plan to paper.  Planning is an essential part of any brand strategy.  Without one, how will you gauge your success and failures. Having a plan in your head, is not really a plan, until you write it out.  Seeing it in front of you makes it real and keeps you honest to your brand on the goals you wish to reach. 

Jane, Sarah and Kim also shared their insight on the importance on staying focused when building your brand.  Many entrepreneurs confuse Product strategy with Brand strategy.  Your brand is what your audience will use to identify you in the marketplace – your website, your company name within your email address – not using Gmail, Yahoo, etc, your company swag, as well as your Social Media strategy, combined starts to create your branding.

Your Product strategy will identify the quality and purpose of your product.  How versatile is your product? What problem does your product solves? 

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Check out the GLAMLive™ stream hosted by HelloBeautiful and listen to our panel firsthand give their insight and advice on How to Build a Viable Brand.

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