#GBNO18 Panelist: Jane Carter

Jane Carter, CEO of Jane Carter Solutions

Traditionally,  the average small business doesn't easily find their way to becoming a global brand; however, coming from a family of Innovators, Jane Carter has become the driving force for a brand that exemplifies a Purpose, a Cause and a Solution.
GLAMbition™ is honored to announce Jane Carter as a Panelist at the GLAMbitionBEAUTY NIGHT OUT Event.  #GBNO18 

#GBNO18 1.20.18

Meet Jane Carter - Hair Guru & CEO, Jane Carter Solutions

Saturday, January 20, 2018

JANE CARTER - Hair Guru, CEO of Jane Carter Solutions

Life experience contributed to the woman Jane has become, the woman who has spent over 20 years representing and creating a voice for women. Suffering family losses due to segregation and racism, her personal life and business model caters to diversity.


Being one of the first African American students admitted into a white elementary school, at just six years old, Jane witnessed community and racial uproars that have ingrained her with a fighting spirit.

Jane opened her first salon, challenged with obstacles to assist the needs of a diverse clientele. Finding the right formula was pertinent to her brand. Genetically wired to fight for the underdog, seeking solutions was a steadfast attribute Jane credits to having been passed down by her family.

The strong woman today, as a mother and dedicated business mogul, she has become the DNA to a leading natural hair care company. Her success story reflects a wealth of knowledge, past experiences and personal determination that led her to create the winning formula for a diverse group of women.

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