Rommy Pennella, Founder of NY Hispanic Cosmetology & Beauty Chamber of Commerce
Since our founding, we dedicated ourselves to providing assistance to all beauty small businesses. We strongly believe that every business should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Not only does the NY Hispanic Cosmetology & Beauty Chamber of Commerce provide avenues for small beauty businesses to obtain further assistance, but the Chamber also offers workshops and events for businesses so that they can expand their visibility within the community.

GLAMbition™ is honored to announce Rommy Pennella as a Panelist at the GLAMbition BEAUTY NIGHT OUT Event.  #GBNO18


Join us for a FB Live Talk Show/Panel discussing:
  • Tips By Tippi Shorter, From Glam To Slam, Mind Your Business + Live Beauty Makeovers + Trends
  • Makeup Veteran Vera Moore, Celebrity Makeup Artist Kim Baker
  • Hair Guru Jane Carter: What's Your Story?


Join The Beauty Business Today!

The Chamber offers beauty companies the opportunity to participate at different levels of membership services according to their business needs. Higher tier Beauty services that offer more exclusive opportunities.

#GBNO18 1.20.18

Join us for a Beauty Night Out and meet the talented Rommy Pennella - Founder, NY Hispanic Cosmetology & Beauty Chamber of Commerce


Saturday, January 20, 2018 | NYC


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