The Entrepreneur Checklist

Starting a new business is an exciting time!  With all the great intentions of being successful, there are many who jump into this venture head first, learning their business through trial and error.   

Where do you start on this journey!?!

Avoid the ‘I don’t know what I should know’ frustration by using this Entrepreneur Checklist created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.  Listed are amazing resources, sites, tips and best practices that will help you along on this spectacular journey : 


For 50 years,, a nonprofit association, has dedicated itself to helping small businesses get off the ground and reach their goals through education and mentorship. They partner with the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide low or no-cost workshops at over 300 SCORE offices across the country.  They also provide mentorship opportunities.  Here are some useful links to get you started:

  • Find a Mentor – Get connected to a network of volunteer business mentors providing free answers to your business questions.
  • Sign up to Workshops – Useful interactive workshops
  • Browse the Library: Extensive articles on Best Practices and Research

Small Business Administration: 

The U.S. Small Business Administration is an amazing resource for those starting a new business.  They have provided loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance since 1953.Their services include Business Financing, Entrepreneurial Development, Government Contracting and Advocacy.  

As many of us know, starting a business requires planning, resources, investment opportunities, etc. Here are a few helpful documents you can find on

  • Business Plan: As you think of your business needs, map out a business plan to highlight the areas you will need the most help with.  Business plans are typically required by, Banks and any other organization you are seeking resources form.  Click here to view their Business Plan Template .
  • Startup Cost Tax DeductionsHow to Write Off the Expense of Starting Your Business
  • Manage your Finances: Make sure you maintain proper bookkeeping and have a basic knowledge of business finances.

Click HERE to learn more about services in your area.  


Networking is a necessity in business for so many reasons, including building up your clientele; however, it can be so much more.  Networking done right opens up opportunities in finding mentors who can help you through your start-up journey, as well as help build your company’s brand in your industry.  

Building and nurturing professional relationships improves the quality of work and increases job satisfaction.  It’s one of the reason’s why GLAMbition dedicates so much of our time to organizing events – to help like minded-business women in one room to exchange ideas, inspire one another and help build business.  

Legal Service: 

The advice most often given when starting a business is finding a good lawyer to help you through legal issues, but as a start-up that’s a large expense many can’t afford at first.  

Score is a good place to get some advice, as they have lawyers available; however, that assistance is limited.  Many have turned to online legal advice site like LegalZoom , to help incorporate their business; however, if online legal advice is not for you, get recommendations from within your network on Law Firms they use. 

Ensure it’s someone you trust making the recommendation, but also ask for references on past & current clients.  Lastly, map out a clear understanding of hours and fees. 


Similar to the process above for finding a good lawyer, the same can be said about finding the right person to help manage your finances.  Having a good Accountant is imperative for your business.  Again, getting recommendations within your network is typically the best way to find a good accountant.

That said, using Accounting systems like Quickbooks to keep track of your business expenses is easy and quick way to self-manage expenses. 

Start a website: 

While many businesses rely on social media to get word out about their business, I can’t stress enough the importance of having a business website.  It will allow your customers to find you, as well as learn more about your services or products.

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Creating a website doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive.  Using services like WordPressWIX and SquareSpace is an easy way to get a domain name and start a site in a few easy steps.  

Business Branding:

A good logo is important for a successful business, as are business cards.  It helps put a ‘face’ to the name of our business, which easily sets you apart from your competitor.  Many turn to online design companies like VistaPrint to help not only create logos, but business cards and other branding items, such as banners, pens & stationary.

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