Tips to Easily Convert a Work Wardrobe: Day To Evening

Getting dressed in the morning is no easy task for us Boss Ladies!  
Sometimes it’s a task in itself just to get your long list of to-dos’ completed in a day, adding the task of what-to-wear that can satisfy both a Daytime and Evening look can add unneeded stress to your day. 
Stress No More! Planning your week with 10 pieces and alternating days can ease the pain of “what to wear”. 
Here are some of our Tips:
  1. A Great pair of heels -a signature black stilettoe or neutral color goes pretty much with everything.
  2. Accessories are everything. Whether it’s a scarf, cuff or necklace , these simple pieces can pull a wardrobe together.
  3. A pencil skirt in two shades whether black or a pop color can take you from day to evening.
  4. A black blazer can be dressed up or down depending on whether you wear it with a pair of slacks or Denim Friday.
  5. Finally a cap sleeve tee can go a long way in various shades and patterns. Try to keep it simple.

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