As you embark on your own entrepreneurial adventure, here are 5 books that may help you through your journey.

Give and Take (Adam Grant)


Marcus Lemonis, star of CNBC Show ‘The Profit’ and extremely successful entrepreneur, described this book as having a profound impact on him during an interview with CNBC.

“It really talks about the different types of people that exist in the marketplace and in the universe,” Lemonis told CNBC.

This book has received widespread praise from others as well, like other successful entrepreneurs, authors and celebrities.

The Click Moment (Frans Johansson)


In this great read, Johansson discusses the theory that Success is random; however, the art is in taking advantage of these moments that in turn can change your fate. 

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‘The Click Moment’ uses stories of successful people and companies to illustrate how they took advantage of the click-moments to generate success.  The Click Moment gives insight on how we can identify & follow these moments by opening ourselves up to chance encounters and harnessing the forces of success that follow.

Shark Tank: Jump Start your Business (Michael Parrish DuDell)

shark-tankJumping into business ownership is no easy decision, so researching and networking before making the plunge is always the way to two.

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This book provides practical advice and great insight for anyone thinking of starting their own business., providing useful tips, such as marketable ideas, plan launch, financial tips, creating a growth plan and pitching ideas to clients and or clients.



What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast (Laura Vanderkam)


Vanderkam focuses on how morning hold the key to taking control of your schedule.  Early hours are important as we tend to be more focused, faced with less distractions and minimizes procrastination.

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This book acts as a guide for not only useful time management tips, but helps you view your day in a dfifferent light.  Changing the types of tasks you focus on in the morning versus in the envying , when you are more focused, can help make you feel more productive.  Read how successful individuals, many leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

$100 Start-up (Chris Guillebeau)


Think of this book as the new entrepreneurial textbook filled with good practical information, such as the 39 steps timeline for launching a business.  It proved to be a great motivational took to just get out there and put your idea in motion.

Guillebeau provides great examples of how to take that first step, when to tweak your efforts and other helpful tips that makes the process less scary.  If typical 9-5 is not for you, this is definitely the book for you.

With wisdom, comes success!

Please share in the comments section your recommendations that helped you on your journey.  Sharing knowledge and being open to receive will go a long way…

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